30 July, 2016

The VC funnel

CB Insights have come up with another fine piece of statistics. Based on the 2009-2010 vintage (a long enough period of time to allow companies to succeed or fail), their team have looked at startup failure rates and showed that only 40% of those who could get seed funding, made it to the 2nd round. Getting […]

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26 July, 2016

Keep calm…

We hardly need a caption for this one. In my opinion, one of the most brilliant campaigns to ride on the coat tails of the Brexit vote. The Berlin senator for the Economy, the suave Cornelia Ozer, together with the FDP party had this truck wandering about the streets of London. Of course a little […]

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26 July, 2016

India: Where someones garbage is someone elses gold

India could be seen as the darling of emerging economies if it wasn’t for that festering problem of corporate debt defaults. Sour loans in a dysfunctional banking system, the absence of proper bankruptcy laws, and a slow-down in investments is forcing India to take the bull by the horns. When it comes to debt payment defaults, there have been a string […]

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2 July, 2016

Brexit – even leavers think they will lose

This latest poll result published by Statista gauges the sentiment of Britons in the wake of the leave vote. Apparently almost a third of those who voted to leave the EU think their country will be worse off… and close to 20% think they will personally be worse off. Yet they still voted to leave. […]

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