26 July, 2016

Keep calm…

Berlin über alles!

Berlin über alles!

We hardly need a caption for this one. In my opinion, one of the most brilliant campaigns to ride on the coat tails of the Brexit vote. The Berlin senator for the Economy, the suave Cornelia Ozer, together with the FDP party had this truck wandering about the streets of London. Of course a little tongue in cheek, but it was also a more sinister message. The Berlin senate is also warning London-based venture capital funds that unless they relocate their headquarters, they stand to lose out on money from the European Investment Fund (EIF) once Britain formally leaves the EU. Last year, the UK benefited to the tune of €655.8m (£559m) from EIF coffers.

With Berlin’s startup scene already having overtaken London’s in terms of venture capital investment in 2014, policymakers in the German capital feel emboldened. They argue that their city offers a pool of talented international developers who may avoid Britain once curbs on migration are applied, commercial rents that are about a third of those in London, and – not unimportant for a young, creative industry…

… a better party scene.

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